Q. How do I book an appointment?

A. Every few months, I open my books up to new appointments for the following few months (ie: in December, I book appointments for January-April). I keep my books open for a weekend so people have a few days to get their requests in, and then I don’t take new requests again until the next round of bookings. I will post all the information on how to request an appointment  when my books are open (it’s basically just filling out a form on my website). I do not keep a cancellation list or wait list, so you’ll have to wait till my books open to request an appointment, but email me anytime if you have questions! I post on instagram when my books will be opening, and I also send out a notice to those who have subscribed to my mailing list!

Q. How do deposits work?

A. Deposits are required as a retainer to hold the date and time (and the tattoo design if you’ve picked a pre-drawn one off) of your tattoo appointment. They are $100 and that comes off the total cost of your tattoo. If your tattoo is split up into multiple sessions, the deposit comes off the cost of your last appointment.  They are non-refundable.

Q. What happens if I have to reschedule my appointment?

A. Just email me! It’s no problem to move your appointment, but the earlier you give me notice, the better. Your deposit can be carried over once if you need to reschedule, but if you need to reschedule a second time, your deposit will be forfeited and a new one must be left. If you have to reschedule with less than 72 hours before your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited and a new one must be left. If you no-show on your appointment, or cancel your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.

Q. Do you do cover ups?

A. I don’t generally take on most cover ups of tattoos, but I will cover scars, depending on the severity and age of the scar. Shoot me an email anytime to chat about your options!

Q. Do you charge by piece or hourly?

A. I charge by the piece! I always give a rough price estimate before you book in. If you are getting a piece that we had planned to do in one sitting but you end up needing more sittings, that’s no problem, but we’ll have to add an additional $100 to every extra sitting to cover the costs of my set up and lost wages for that day. If you have any questions about pricing or sitting for certain amounts of time, I ‘m always very happy to chat about it!

Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A. I accept e-transfers.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. EMAIL ONLY. Either directly ([email protected]), or through the contact form on my website. I’m just one person trying to stay organized. I do not check dms on instagram. I don’t do business through facebook or text. It is way too chaotic having multiple platforms on which to conduct multiple conversations, so if everything lives in my email inbox, I can stay organized and get back to you as quickly as possible!

Q. It's my first time requesting a tattoo- what I need to know?


-Please be patient! I’m not always accepting new appointments, but I try to keep my wait times to a minimum. If you have any questions at any time, you can always email me at [email protected] or use the contact form on my website.

-When submitting a request, please be as specific as possible. If you have a specific layout for your design in mind, let me know! Include a rough sketch if you have trouble describing in words. This saves time later. If you’re not picky, I’m more than happy to take the wheel, and prefer to have as much creative freedom as you’re willing to allow me. Please know that even if you do have a specific layout in mind, I still require a certain amount of creative freedom in order to make a tattoo idea doable, so please try to have some flexibility!

– Be prepared to leave a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 deposit. If you have not sent me a deposit, you do not have an appointment booked (touchups excluded).

– Show up to your appointment well-rested, having eaten a big meal, and hydrated. Feel free to bring a book/ipad/earphones with you if you’d like! I won’t be chatting much while tattooing, so feel free to entertain yourself. 

-Please bring appropriate clothing for your tattoo appointment! For instance, if we’re doing a back tattoo, please don’t wear a onesie. I need to be able to access the area where the tattoo is going with as little interference from clothing as possible. That said, your comfort does come first, so feel free to check in with me about what types of clothing would be appropriate for your tattoo if you’re unsure!

-I only tattoo folks who are 18+. Legally in Ontario, folks 16-18 are able to be tattooed with parental consent, but I’m not comfortable tattooing people that young, so 18+ only please!

Q. Is the studio space physically accessible?

A. Yes! I’m very happy to say that my studio is fully accessible. It has wheelchair accessible doors and a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The studio is on the main floor at street level. The layout of the studio is pretty open concept so there’s room to move around. There are fairly bright lights on the ceiling, so if you’re getting a tattoo where you have to lie on your back, and are photo-sensitive, you may want to bring sunglasses with you to protect your eyes. The massage table I use to lie clients on can support up to 1500 lbs so no need to worry about weight support. I want to do everything I can to ensure that getting tattooed by me is an accessible thing, so let me know if you have any questions or concerns (or suggestions I might be overlooking!) about accessibility!

Q. Is there privacy in the shop should I need it for my tattoo?

A. Yes! I work in a private studio with no one else, so we will be the only people present for your tattoo. My studio is on the main floor with a huge window at the front, but I have curtains that can be drawn if you’re worried about anyone peeking in. 
If you’d like to have a silent appointment (wherein we don’t chat throughout the tattoo beyond the necessary communication required to ensure the safety and consent of the tattoo process), totally let me know! You can let me know via email before your appointment, when you arrive, or if you decide you’d prefer to not chat anymore mid-appointment, all are totally valid and will be respected! I usually match my client’s energy/chattiness and have no issue with not engaging you in conversation throughout the process.

Q. Are all bodies welcome?

A. Heck frigging yes. One hundred percent. Please know that any and every body type, skin type/colour, gender and sexual identity are welcome. All good people who are 18+ are welcome and encouraged to get tattooed by me. I am so proud and honoured to celebrate the wonderful clientele that I have, especially as a queer woman, so all nice people are welcome! I’m always working toward educating myself on being able to serve all skin types and colours, so if you ever want to chat about anything related to this, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m also always working on educating myself about trauma-informed tattooing; your comfort level is extremely important to me. Use of correct pronouns and name, ongoing mutual consent, and clients having a positive experience while in my company is of paramount importance to me, so for real shoot me an email anytime if you want to chat about any of this.

Please know that under NO circumstances will the following be tolerated:
Body shaming

If you plan on exhibiting any of the above behaviour or harbour any of those tendencies whether or not you plan on displaying them in the studio, do not even bother emailing me. 
If you have any concerns, email me anytime and I’d be happy to talk with you!